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Bear Paw Transportation was created to better assist visitors in their search for ground transportation to the cruise port in Whittier or Seward, Alaska. Shuttles and private transportation to and from Anchorage, Whittier, Seward, Girdwood, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, Homer, the Kenai, Soldotna, Cooperlanding and Valdez. We have shared shuttle buses or private vehicle charters available. Connect with one of your Alaskan cruises in Seward or Whittier, Alaska and the Anchorage Airport! We offer direct shuttles, full and half day tours, and private multi day Alaska adventures. Our friendly, local Alaskan driver / tour guides will guarantee your family vacation happiness. We Service the ANC / Anchorage International Airport with our variety of vehicle sizes sure to accommodate all group variations. Our Whittier or Seward Alaska shuttle service has stops in Denali, Talkeetna, Girdwood, Anchorage and Homer. We offer ground transportation from Whittier to Anchorage, Alaska or Anchorage to Whittier, Alaska or bus transfers, private charters or motor coach tours. Seward to Anchorage bus service or Anchorage to Seward shuttle connections are also available. We now have a Denali to Talkeetna shuttle and Talkeetna to Anchorage or Anchorage to Talkeetna to Denali for you traveling North. We also offer Alaska back country adventures, explore the great north out of Girdwood, Alaska.
We are able to accommodate groups of all sizes with our wide selection of vehicles.  Our friendly Alaskan drivers are fully equipped with answers to any of your questions during transport.  Door to door service thourghout almost anywhere in Alaska!  Arrange your transportation from any hotel, bed and breakfast, or Alaskan cruise ship port to Denali, Talkeetna, Anchorage, Girdwood, Whittier, Seward, Cooperlandiong, Homer and many other local towns.  We are working together constantly to create a service that meets the needs of your schedule.  
Currently servicing passenger transportation between Anchorage International Airport and the cruise ports in Seward and Whittier, Alaska.


Alaska Transportation

We offer Alaskan transportation to almost any city in the entire state! The transportation in Alaska that we offer involves buses, vans, cars, taxi, cabs, motor coach, shuttles, and sometimes limos and limousines. Alaska transportation in its finest thanks to the special custer service and comfortable vehicles. We offer Alaska transportation service and Alaska shuttle or private car service options. If you are looking for a ride from A to B and you want door to door servie try our Alaska transportation company today!


Anchorage to Seward Bus Options:

Our shuttle bus and van service goes from Anchorage to Seward on every cruise day! We pick you up anywhere in Anchorage and take you right to the Seward Cruise Port. We pick up at all hotels, bed and breakfasts, and nightly rentals in Anchorage and take you to Seward, Alaska. Anchorage to Seward direct shuttle options or Anchorage to Seward private tour options as well.

Seward to Anchorage Bus Options:

We also offer transportation between Seward and Anchorage Ted Stevens Intl. Airport. Seward to Anchorage picking up right at the cruise port in Seward, Alaska. We can also pick you up anywhere in Seward not just the cruise port and take you to Anchroage on the shuttle. Direct bus service from Seward to Anchorage or private transportation in Alaska going in the same route from Seward to Anchorage is also available!

Anchorage to Whittier Bus Options:

Servicing the Anchorage International Airport to Whittier, Alaska cruise port. We pick up any where in Anchorage and take you right to the cruise terminal in Whittier. Our Anchorage to Whittier shuttles make it easy on you picking you up where ever you are! The shuttles leave from Anchorage to Whittier on any cruise day! We have private transfers from Anchorage to Whittier as well!

Whittier to Anchorage Bus Options:

We offer cruise transportation connecting Whittier to Anchorage by bus, shuttle, motor coach or car service. We meet you right in the luggage area of the ship in Whittier taking you anywhere you need to go in Anchorage. Whittier to Anchorage shuttle service is available on all cruise days. We have private transfers from Whittier to Anchorage any day of the week!


Bus Schedule Anchorage

We offer a bus schedule to and from Anchorage Airport and almost all hotels in Anchorage. The Anchorage Bus Schedule is primarily based on the Whittier and Seward cruise ships and the Anchorage, Alaska Airprt. We offer several times for our shuttle bus schedule from Anchorage. Our bus schedule is sure to meet the times of your schedule due to the various times offered! Catch our bus schedule for Anchorage today!


Alaska Transportation / Alaska Shuttle / Bus Service in Alaska

Serving Anchorage, Girdwood, Whittier, Seward, Homer, Talkeetna, Denali,Valdez and Fairbanks.  Anchorage Airport, the Alaska Railroad, Seward Cruise Port, Whittier Cruise Port, Alyeska Ski Resort, Valdez, Palmer, Wasilla, Homer, Girdwood, Talkeetna, Denali National Park and several other areas. 

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Bear Paw Transportationmakes it easy offering shuttle bus schedules, private van service, motor coach charters and limo's for small or large families and business affairs. We can always help when booking your Alaska vacation departing or arriving from  Whittier Cruise Port .

We also service Seward Cruise Port , Seward Hotels, Seward Bed and Breakfasts, and Seward small boat harbor.

Private vehicle charters include: vans of all sizes, mini buses, motorcoaches, limo / limousines. Be sure to ask about a private vehicle with the tour fore it may be near the same cost as the shared shuttle. If your group is large enough ask the private bus charters.


We offer land tours out of Anchorage, Alaska as well as Seward day tours, or Whittier day tours are also available here. We have full and half day tours going on all year around. Join a group that is already going out for the day or simply reserve your own private tour guide. Alyeska, Valdez, Anchorage, Whittier, Seward, Talkeetna, and Denali Tours are places to consider when booking your holiday as well.



Bear Paw Transportation is the prefered mode of ground transportation for all major hotels in Anchorage, Seward, Whittier, Girdwood, Talkeetna, Denali, Fairbanks, Valdez, and many small villages in between. Ride the Alaska bus line Motorcoach or shuttle buses we have several tour options. The motor coach and mini bus or buses  schedules are available on this site. You can often times enjoy a day cruise in Seward or Whittier and return to Anchorage in the same day. Wildlife tours going to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center can be done during your cruise connection. We have shuttle bus or buses City Tours of Anchorage as well as private tours. When Alaska bus lines and bus services or motorcoach / buses are booked in advance you can save on local scenic tours options.

Information on different options around Alaska for bus service, cruise ship transfers, and other cruise transportation from Whittier shuttles to Anchorage options on motorcoach or private vehicle charter buses. Our service is normally the highlight of your trip! Whether you choose whittier, seward, girdwood or anchorage as you departure city for motorcoach or buses services you have options and information here on our site. You'll be writing your friends from the wirless internet on board the cruise and saying what a wonderful time you had on our tour. At any rate limo service is also available on this site. Alaska shuttle service, shuttle bus, or shuttles services also offer services from Denali National Park to Anchorage. Direct motorcoach/shuttles buses from Whittier to Anchorage or even a direct shuttle to seward and direct shuttles to Whittier can be done via the shuttle or shuttles service to Whittier, Seward bus lines, Alaska limousine services, and Anchorage taxi services.  Even Alaska Motorcoach charters are offered here with many different options including information on Alaska Railroad, places to stay around Alaska in Anchorage, Whittier, Girdwood, Seward, Homer, Denali, Talkeetna and so forth from this site you have options.

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Information on options when traveling in groups to and from, and between Anchorage, Whittier, Seward, Girdwood, Cooperlanding, Homer, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and Valdez can save you money on one of our shuttle or shuttles even a motorcoach because you will be sharing transportation and not driving your own rental car.  Cruise transfers and cruise transportation through the state is our specialty why rent a car when you can share a shuttle buses or motorcoach with small groups on it.   Transportation with sightseeing tours are very good options, get information here about Alaska buses or charters or even motorcoach tours of the entire state. Alaska bus schedules / Alaska motorcoach Charters, Alaska limo / limousines charter, Alaska shuttle and private van services and other transportation options throughout the state are available here.

Seward Cruise transfers, shuttles, limo / limousine services, or Private van charters going to the cruise ship ports and docks. Seward bus companies, Seward taxi cab information for hire, and Seward cruise transportation between all ports are all options through this company. Seward and Whittier Bus service is available from May 15 through September 17. There are however transportation services going year around to Seward. Save on tours when you book cruise transfers. Seward shuttle buses services and transportation go to, from, and between several towns on the direct motor coach or motorcoaches or buses. 

Shuttles and motorcoaches between Anchorage and Denali or between Anchorage and Talkeetna shuttle service you will find the stop off half way will break the 5 hour drive in half. Whittier to Denali buses shuttle service or Denali to Whittier transportation is available through our services. Denali to Anchorage Alaska is a splendid drive but you need at least 2-3 days. Transportation to, from, or between Denali Anchorage and Seward is also available. Direct Seward bus lines by motorcoach to Talkeetna or Denali as well. Alaska limo from Denali to Anchorage is always enjoyable stopping for a variety of picture oppertunities. Alaska limousine charters from Anchorage to Denali is the other route but you may want to book round trip or even consider our Alaska motor coach shuttles service options.



 Buses and motorcoach service is available from Whittier to Anchorage or Anchorage to Whittier by Shuttle, private vehicle, railroad, or rental cars are options with plenty of information on Seward and Homer.  We do limo charters, with shuttles that stop in almost any place in Alaska via Whittier , Anchorage, Girdwood or Seward.  If you can't find a Limosine through our service you are bound to find a private vechicle or buses, shuttles or motorcoach services offering options and information on Whittier and Anchorage shuttle and limo ideas to last the entire summer.  We offer Info on options involving shared shuttle service between Whittier and Anchorage or Anchorage to Whittier and Seward to Whittier is now an option.  While traveling around Alaska and using the Alaska Transporation Group as dedicated service we will meet the needs of our customers.  If you are coming in on the cruise ship in Whittier, Seward, or Anchroage we can pick you up in one of our many shuttles, buses or motorcoach options that will certainly get you around while in the great state.   Shared shuttle service between Anchorage and Whittier or Whittier to Anchorage is very common.  In fact we will pare you up on shuttles or shuttle buses most any day of the week.  Sure to get you around the state with several different options on time frames to and from Anchorage, Seward, Whittier, or Girdwood, and somtimes Denali, Talkeetna, Homer and Valdez.  Why rent a car when you can save the environment and acctually make a difference when sharing  buses, vans or motorcoaches.  This idea of car pooling instead of rental car is great.. The less people driving on the Seward Highway the better.  Imagine if everyone was to choose one of our options instead of a rental car or cars for their group.  What a difference that would make, Whittier to Anchorage or Anchorage to Whittier with Seward and Girdwood both options as well by bus transfer or motorcoach carrier.  Stop wasting gas and start shuttling with others.. Save whats left for the next generation.  Not to sound out of line or selfish but we really need to start living more conciously..  The youth will learn from the mistakes made from the older generation.  Kind of off the subject but lets set some good examples and start riding on the shuttles provided through our service. 


Shuttling passengers from Whittier Alaska cruise port and ferry port; Our company has taken upon our selves to produce the lowest rates and you still get an exceptional product.  To and from Whittier, Anchorage or Seward we can offer you private vehicle or shared shuttle rates.  Motor coach tours are becoming an even bigger source of revenue for us.  We offer the best and most affordable discounts on motor coach tours in the entire state of Alaska.  Motor coaches are kinda our specialty.  It is well known through out the Alaska comunities and we want to pass it on to you!


Transportation for cruise ship passengers between Anchorage and SewardSeward to Anchorage cruise shuttleWhittier to Anchorage cruise transfers or Anchorage to Whittier transportation.  You can also reserve our Whittier Alaska shuttle bus or van for your cruise connection today!  Alaska bus connections are available as well as Seward Alaska shuttle cruise shuttle services, Anchorage Alaska shuttle service, and Anchorage to Seward direct shuttle service.  You will also find information and tour options and transportation for Alaska transportationAnchorage transportationtransportation in AlaskaSeward Alaska transportation, and Whittier Alaska transportation.  Feel free to call us or send complete the online quote form at the top of the page.